Today i’m changing the place where i stay and move from Golden Bay in Malta to St. Julians. On my way from one place to another i made a short stop at Mosta (very similar to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but it’s not the same place), which located in the very centre of the island. Mosta is famous for incredible Dome, which is located in the heart of it. This place is absolutely breathtaking and so stunning, i can hardly put my eyes away from it. The design, architecture and small details are incredible! It is the third largest structure of it’s kind in the world. There was even a miracle involved: during World War || it was hit by the bomb when there were 300 people inside. The bomb crush part of the roof and floor, but haven’t exploded and noone was heart. y
You can still see the bomb inside as a sign of this miracle.

Malta got some hard times during WW|| and there are lots of evidences of it in the island including numerous shelters to protect it’s citizens. During that time it was bombed more than 3000 times, so it was a question of survival.