I am really lucky with the start of my Malta journey: i am staying in the awesome area of Golden Sands with one of the best beaches in Malta (generally Malta don’t have many beaches, but this is one of few) and stunnung landscape around. Just half an hour walk from my @radissonblugoldensands and i have found this awesome landscape. I was really so surprised and amazed as i got no idea i could find anything like this in Malta. Actually, it feels a bit simular to the views i saw in Indonesia couple months ago. That makes me think that not always we have to go too far to see something really beautiful.

It’s an interesting feeling beeing in such a familiar place like Mediterranean after visiting lots of exotic places for the last years. I haven’t been here for 3 years, it was my usual summer destination for years. I know everything here: smells, light, colours, trees even the structure of the air. It’s funny, i know, but somehow even air is bit different in different parts of the world and it’s so special to have this feeling of familiarity now!