My night flight brought me to Malta, one of the most interesting and intriguing countries in Europe and one of the last European countries i still haven’t been to.

After arriving at night i have decided to stay at the airport till the morning as it was easier and smarter for me to wait till morning bus as few extra hotel hours and night taxi would cost me more than my regular 1-day budget. Yes, you always have to deal with this kind of choices while travelling full-time. Still night at the airport is not that bad as it sounds. I was bit surprised as there were plenty of people hanging there at night. Malta is a student island and for some reason many come to cafes at the airport to study there at night. Probably the main reason is absolutely incredible internet connection here: i have done a lot during my few hours there.

After the sunrise and some breakfast, i started to move to my first stop in Malta – Golden Sands. My plan is to stay in several areas around the island to make the most of it. There are lots of busses in the island and i have read that the transport is good here which in reality wasn’t too accurate. It took me more than 2,5 hours to cover 17 km and get from the airport to the Golden Bay and the timetable was more for information, than for reality.

Still when i have arrived, i absolutely realised why it was worth all the efforts: the area is stunning! Incredible water around, incredible landscape and very peaceful part of the islands! Apart from several buildings there is only beautiful nature!

The only hotel in area is @radissonblugoldensands, where i will stay for next couple days. Actually, it’s really perfect: apartment style hotel with private kitchen and this awesome view from the balcony is the best way to start my time in Malta!