Short bus ride brought me from El Jadida to my last stop in Morocco – Casablanca. It is the largest city in Morocco, most cosmopolitan and business oriented. Still, not many consider staying here: generally it is the best place to enter and exit Morocco because of many bugdet flights. So if you plan to come to Morocco, there is a chance that you will pass through Casablanca. I decided to have a look and spend couole days here.

As a good boy i came prepared: i have watched Casablanca movie before coming. I had it in my must-watch list for years after i have visited movie set in Hollywood where it was filmed. Casablanca is one of the first ever blockbasters and still the most quoted movie ever.

Apart from it, I got very little idea what to do here, so i simply will spend couple days enjoying and see how it goes. I’m sure i’ll be fine.

This shot was made from the terrace of @fscasablanca. This lighthouse is one of the cities major symbols!