Marrakech is devided into three parts: Medina, Ville Nouvelle (modern city) and tourist part with all the hotels and infrastructure. Today i explored Unesco World Heritage Medina and the sights inside of it.

Compared to some of the places i’ve been before, Marrakech is way more touristy and i would say, more open to tourists. Here most of the places (apart from mosques) are open to visit and easy to see, which was a bit of an issue before. Main sights here are Medina itself with it’s numerous shops, Saadian Tombs, remains of El Badi Palace and Bahia Palace, which is probably the best place to enjoy the mix of Islamic and Moroccan architecture as it supposed to look like. Marrakech is definitely a great choice to get a good glimpse of Moroccan culture and after today i can clearly say that if there is one place to see in Morocco, it is definitely Marrakech.

On the adventure-gourmet part of my day i have tried a camel burger. Sounds a bit wierd, but tastes absolutely normal, something similar to beef burger. Maybe a bit more rough, because camel meat got almost no fat in it. Good choice for those on a diet!