In the morning i finally have left Fez (honestly, not my favourite place, would prefere to visit it only for a day) and made it to Rabat.

Rabat is the capital of Morocco (is it only me or you also thought it is Marrakesh?), located on the coast of Atlantic ocean. It is really very pleasant place with some modern infrustricture (they got awesome tram, super modern and convinient), clean streets, some modern architecture in progress, fresh air and really nice mood. Still they got several historical disctrics to explore. I feel myself much better here.

The most fantastic part of my day was walking next to the Atlantic ocean. The weather was rainy and the ocean was a bit “angry”. The wind was super strong and the power of water and rocks around was so evident, really fascinating and impressive.

I have spend the rest of my day sipping some good coffee, browsing streets and enjoying some good food at the random cafe. I love that if you are lucky to find a good place to eat in Morocco, it could be cheap and heathy food, one of the best value for money i ever had during my travels. Think about 5-6$ for the big salad, main course and drink. Bread is very important in Morocco, it is almost everywhere, mostly all breakfasts in Morocco are bread and crepes with jam and butter. Some good salads could be found in good cafes, but usually it takes time to find them. Tourist cafes usually serves tangines, which are meat based dishes with lots of spices. And of course, sweet mint tea and fresh orange juice are significant part of your daily menu!