Meknes is one of 4 imperial cities of Morocco, inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the largest cities in the country. Others are Fes, Marrakesh and Rabat.

It is just 1 hour bus ride from Fes and i decided to check it as a day tour from Fez taking simple local bus on the way there and train on the way back. Train was better.

It was really very rainy day and all the points of interest here is mostly Medina, huge city wall and couple of medresas (Islamic schools). One of the thing about Morocco that for some reason many places that are tourist attractions are closed: it is prohibited to enter mosques, some got very limited open hours, some are closed on restauration and another are simply closed without no signs of life inside. I was trying to have a list of some points of interest like “see this medrasa, check this mosque”, but mostly it’s a waste of time as almost 80% were closed. So the best idea usually is just walk around and see where it will bring you. In case of Meknes, i gave up after 2-3 hours walking around as it was raining and i couldn’t find anything super interesting. Definetely not a must-see place in Morocco. Anyway, another Heritage site checked (I guess i have around 250+ visited, but never tryed to count all of them).