Today was pretty rough day. In the morning i took a bus from Chefchaouen to Fes. When i came to the bus station, i have found that all tickets for the good tourist bus are sold out and i got no choice, but to take local bus. It was ok, but it takes more time as it makes stops all the time to drop on and off people from the villages, was dirty and some people there obviously haven’t had a shower for months or acted themselves a bit wierd. Like i had only one seat available and it was next to the very big and shy lady, who took 1,5 seats and decided to hide from me in the curtains. I know that local buses sounds romantic, but after i had them so many times, they doesn’t feel like this anymore. That’s how i have spend around 6 hours.
We have arrived to Fes medina before dark and we had our hotel reseved in the heart of it. I knew that medina is a jungle, but in Fes for the first hours it was really hard to navigate. GPS works fine there (but it didn’t show small backstreets), so i was almost ok. Still as a newcomer i felt like an easy target for all the local scummers and they tryed their luck. I seriously couldn’t find my place to stay for a while and one guy suggested me help beeing pretty pushy. We have followed him for a while, but at some point i have realized that we went too deep and far and i felt unsafe, which is rare. We quicky said NO and turned back. When i’m thinking about it now i can remember how he made a sighns for other guys along the way, how there was one more guy around i got a feeling that it was a classical scam to take us as deep as possible and ask for money to take us back. I think that my intuition works in this case to save me from troubles.
I need to say that there is a law against any intetaction with the tourists for locals: the have no right to follow you, push to sell you something, touch you kind of it. Still there is noone to protect you from it in Medina. I saw police only outside of it, but never inside. After 1 day i felt myself much better and understand the structure of Medina, but at firsts it was hard even for me.
After all i asked for the help at one of the shops and for a tip they have brought me to my hotel. Actually hotels here in medina are different story. They are called ryads and usually have very beautiful decoration, but very small if you are not taking any luxury place. Mine is also beautiful, got cool rooftop, but so small: ceilings are less than 2m and i can hardly fit into the bathroom. It could be a great train, but hardly a hotel. 😆
Anyway, great news that i have survived and got few days to explore Fez!