Chefchaouen or famous Blue city is a small town in Morocco, which popularity in social media made it obligatory place to see in Morocco. No surprise, as it’s blue walls, pretty doors are made to be photographed. It’s definetely looks like a Smurf-ville, which is real. And good news, people do still live here! Thought it’s obvuous that current tourist boom is bit hard for them.

During the day several main streets works as a market for locals and the rest are streets with the carpets, magnets and souvenirs. Also there is small fortres near the main square and a waterfall for those who want to go out. Basically that’s it.

The city now is super popular among asian tourists. Most of them came for pics and are really prepared: everyone have a DSLR camera, 90% wear something yellow to get the best colour combination. Some are taking hundreds of pics, some are having fun making videos. While browsing around, 3 girls asked us to help to shoot a video for them, which was fun as they switch on the music and dance. Probably the best way to have fun here!