In the morning i took a bus from Tangier to Tetouan, which is famous fot it’s medina, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Medinas are the main sights and points of cultural interest in Morocco, i will check a lot of them for the next weeks! Let’s see whether they are different or all the same.

Tetouan is said to have the prettiest Medina in Morocco. It is not huge, but bigger than in Tangier and a bit more local. Apart from browsing around the streets and checking couple of museums if you feel for it, there is not much else to do here. But the view is definetely great: the city is located in a beautiful green valley and surrounded by very pictureque hills. It’s freshly painted white houses looks great there.

In terms of surroundings I can hardly believe my eyes! I used to think about Africa as about the place with sand and rare burned greenery. But it’s nothing like this in this part of Morocco this time of year: it is green, the hills are beautiful, valleys are filled with greenery and there are fresh flowers, orange trees in many places!