Tangier is a coastal town in Morocco, known for it’s old Medina, nice beach and relaxed mood. It got a long history and previously was a romantised getaway with a “french” touch for celebrities including Rolling Stones, who lived here for a while. Still staying here is not expensive now, very budget friendly.

Strategic location very close to the Spain (just easy ferry ride) made Tangier popular and nice place to spend a few days. Many people come even for a day. Tangier surpised me for beeing clean and organized. This is the results of big investments to the city, which made it a bit different than you can expect from Africa and Arabic country.

Still old Medina feels authentic and nice to get lost a bit, beach is long, wide and clean (still too cold to swim this time of year) and overall it’s pretty nice place to spend a good day. Several pretty small cafes (which are probably the main thing to do in Tangier) with cool design and ambience are also nice and worth spending couple of hours just relaxing.