Hello, Morocco! ✌ I’m so ready to explore your heritage!

In the afternoon i took a flight from Madrid to Tangier. The trick is that there are very cheap flights from Spain to Morocco, that’s why i build my route in this way.

It was my first experience flying with the Ryanair and i was a bit stressed about it as it is known for having very “creative” policy trying to charge you as much as possible. Like if you are flying with someone, they will assign seats randomly in different parts of the plane (you can pay to choose a seat). Also their new baggage policy: you have 10kg hand luggage included by law, BUT you can’t take it with you on the board (if you want to take it, you need to pay again). All the e-mails with the info about this (i got around 10 of them, trying to sell me something) felt a bit stressful, but in this case we were fine and all went smooth.

When i came to Tangier airport, the only way to get to the city was taking a taxi or couple hours walk. All sources tells that there are no taxi scams in Tangier and they have done a big work to remove them, but it’s not true. Official taxi price to the city is 100 dhr (around 11$), but all the drivers tells that its only to the bus station, to get to medina is 150-200DHR. It was even funny: drivers stand right next to the board with the prices and tell it for everyone. I honestly hate taxi drivers: EVERYWHERE i go, taxi are #1 who lie and trick. I’m trying to use them as little as possible not to support this really bad industry. In this case, usual tactic of walking away from them down the road worked: after several minutes i was followed by the driver, who gave me real price and confirmed that the guys at the official airport taxi stand are scammers.

LOL! Though i already not stressing about this kind of troubles anymore, but still i hope next weeks in Morocco will be a bit less chaotic. Haha! Can i make a wish at least?!?? 😆

I have spend the rest of my day enjoying views to the Atlantic ocean, Spain (which is visible from Tangier, it’s just few dozens km by sea) and this beautiful cafe in Tangier with obligatory glass of mint tea. It’s definetely a beautiful place!