The Dead sea is one of those unique places on Earth, where our mother Nature showed us her impressive imagination. There is so much unique about it, the value of this place is hard to overestimate from natural or historical point of view. The Dead Sea is divided between Jordan and Israel and both use it now as a recreational area. Visiting the Dead sea was my long-time bucket-list point and this year i have done it during my journey to Jordan. As this place is very special, it is good to learn at least a bit about it before visiting to make the most of it. In this article i will tell you about my experience of the Dead sea in Jordan in Movenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea.

But first things first:

Facts about the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Jordan

    • Dead Sea is famous because of it’s salt concentration of 33.7%, 8.6 times saltier than ocean water, which is only about 3.5% salt. So it’s basically very salty soup.
    • Still it’s not the saltiest water on Earth, but others are not so accessible
    • The sea is called Dead because there is no visible life in it. There are no plants, fish, or anyone else but tourists.
    • Actually it’s not a sea, it’s a lake!
    • It is the lowest point on Earth and it’s getting lower every year, you can even notice it there.
    • You can’t swim and you can’t sink in the Dead sea because the water is denser than any human body.
    • Dead Sea water is not something you want coming into contact with your face, eyes or swallow it, which makes it one of the most dangerous places on Earth to swim.
    • You definitely don’t have to shave couple of days before swimming and protect all of your scratches from the water.
    • The Dead Sea is drying very quickly, still many people think that it wouldn’t disappear. Some resorts, which were built 20 years ago on the shores of the Dead sea, now 2 km away from it. The reason is that it need the income of water and some of the rivers around were diverted in 60’s.
    • The Dead sea is also hugely affected by mineral extraction industries, producing famous Dead Sea cosmetics. So we are basically packing the Dead sea to the jars.
    • The Dead Sea was a place of refuge for King David in the Bible.
    • In the Bible, prophets claimed that one day the Dead Sea would be made fresh. According to recent scientific research, pockets of fresh water at the bottom of the Dead Sea have opened up.
    • Egyptians used asphalts from the Dead sea in mummification process.

Why the Dead sea is good for your health

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

Dead Sea is the oldest health resort in the World. Since ancient times people knew that the area is good for your health. Dead Sea was Cleopatra’s one of the most favorite places. She loved it so much that ordered to build resorts and factories here. Or whatever they were called at that time.

So what’s good here:

  • Natural salts and minerals of the Dead sea are good for your skin. Dead Sea black mud is worldwide known for improving skin’s natural processes, easing rheumatic pains, relaxing muscles and providing inner calmness. Now we don’t trust too much for anything that is packed in jars, but here you literally take mud from the sea and 100% sure that it is natural.
  • It’s the place for a safe sunbathe. The area of the Dead Sea has approximately 330 sunny days a year with low humidity and little rainfall. The temperatures range from 15C in winter to 35C during summer. It’s the only place on Earth where you can sunbathe for long periods of time with little to no sunburn because of the three natural layers of protection it has against UV rays. All your sunscreens are included.
  • It’s easy to breathe here! Thanks to the unique climate, the Dead Sea has extra oxygen and bromine levels which provide a nice, relaxing effect.

And that’s really cool: when you know about it you really realise that the sun is soft and that breathing is really easier than in many places. I came here from Amman and it also was way better weather here: warm and sunny.

So if you take it seriously, it is a place for a very good treatments that can help with your health. Dead Sea Salt has been proven to relieve skin ailments such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Minerals such as magnesium, sodium and potassium enhance your skins ability to retain moisture, making it healthy and silky smooth. The area is extremely beneficial to increase stress level, decrease the depth of wrinkles, turn reducing of hair loss and recharge. Also it is really good place for the weight control as some elements helps to normalise metabolism and recalibrate your inner schedule, which is basically the main reason of problems of that kind (and fast diets only make it worth if seriously).

When i have studied the benefits of the Dead Sea, i think that spending a month here and invest in myself is something that i need to consider seriously.

Many people come here every year and spend from week to a month to work with their health. Every good resort have a doctor, who can talk with you and make a special treatment program individually for you depending on your health conditions. Usually these programs have a very accurate schedules, which include sunbathing, swimming, massages, skincare, special prescript oils etc. You don’t need the excuse to take care of yourself!

What to do at the Dead Sea

What to do at the Dead sea

There are number of cool experiences at the Dead sea. The most unique experience here is floating. That epic classical image of relaxing with the newspaper came from here. Applying Dead sea black mud is also a must, good for everything and super fun! Sunbathing is safe because of natural extra protection and you can safely bring your kids here and don’t overthink about bad effect of sun, it is healthy here. And of course, healthy treatments, massages, having fun at the resorts and enjoying good days of rest and caring about yourself.

There are many ways to experience the Dead sea:

You can easily come here of 1 day from Amman: it is just a short 30-40 minutes ride from Jordan capital city with lots of public transport options available. In this case you will have to use public beaches or buy 1 day entrance to the resort to use the facilities. It’s a good way to spend a day, have an experience and see the place.

Spending couple of days at the resort is probably the best option is you are not planning any specific health treatments. You will have the best from all the worlds: no rush, very relaxing, you can have few floats, use the black mud for the benefits of your skin, enjoy the meals, massages and exit recharged. Something that is absolutely worth adding to your schedule while exploring Jordan as it is one of the best places in the country. I choose this option while exploring the Jordan and will tell about it below.

You can come here specially to benefit to your health and spend from week to month here having a schedule with daily prescript treatments. This is something that is better to plan in advance and have a good advice from a specialist. Still if you don’t have any particular troubles, spending a week here is a good idea and is better for your health than spending a week at the regular beach as the sun is softer and you will have a lot of natural opportunities to take care of yourself. You body will Thank you!

What is it like to float in the Dead sea if you can’t swim

What to do at the Dead sea

Still, the boldest experience here for me was trying to float in the Dead sea. I am really bad swimmer, especially when i don’t feel comfortable. I can swim for a short period of time in pool if it feels familiar for me and i know that i can feel the bottom, but i definitely feel bad in deep water. I have read that even people who don’t know how to swim (you will be surprised how many people can’t swim, over 55% in the world incl. 80% in Asia, 55% in Russia, 51% in USA, 37% in the UK, 20% in Australia) usually float at the Dead sea if they want to. The water here feels really special, oily and way more structured than we are used to. The best comparison will be soup or olive oil. It’s cool to try to feel it between your fingers and watch it in your palms.

I was at the Dead sea in Early March and the water was really chilly for me. It took me some time to adapt to it little by little (yes, i know, i’m gentle, it is simply not my comfort zone, but i work with it).

You can’t swim in the Dead sea, only float at your back. My buddy is a good swimmer and he floated very quickly. That’s what he told me about it:

I’ve heard about floating in the Dead Sea before is about relaxing and enjoying the waves because of the salted water, which is always keeping you on top without drowning to the bottom. But when I tried it I was like “Wow! It really works!”. I mean I just came to the sea (it took another 7mins because of the cold water), lay on spine and voila – I’m floating. The water is super salty and oily and it really keeps you on top even if you’re not swimming (not working by your hands or legs) but laying on a water like on a floor.

I tried to do it too, though it was chilly. I would say that i half succeed: i was fine when i was holding something next to me and the water feels a bit more supporting than usually. But i started to drawn when i released it. My ass don’t want to stay on the water without support. So yes, i guess you need at least some basic swimming skills to float in the Dead sea, too. You know, it’s kind of skills that you are not realising that you have. I can compare it to the cycling: your body need to act in a right way to do it and to keep balance. You just feel it at some point, but you need to teach your body to do it. Probably same is true about floating at the Dead sea. Still i experienced it and i can feel a big difference! So if you are not swimming, it is still worth trying, just be careful with your face an eyes.

How to spend 2 days and make the most of your visit to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

I have spend 2 days at the Dead Sea during my week in Jordan and stayed in Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea. It was really a great idea as i had 2 really great days, filled with selfcare, fun and relax. At the end i got very pleasant feeling that i have done something good for myself.

Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea is the leading place in the area of the Dead Sea in Jordan. It got the best feedbacks and ratings. It got everything that you need for you short or long time at the Dead Sea. This place is special for a number of reasons. First thing is it’s very special design. The resort is made and feels like a village, which got everything that you need, but still feels pretty authentic. The territory is relatively big and i had some opportunities to walk and move around. Still they got special cars for those, who have issues with it. There is 1 main building and the rest of the area are small 1-2 store buildings, small piazzas, cafes, restaurants, several pools, small lake and trees. You literally can stroll around and feel yourself like you are in a small coastal town, which is really cool.

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

The design of the place is very calm, but comfortable. The main areas are decorated in Arabic style and fantastically beautiful. My favourite part was the Bar at the main building with very classy coaches, beautiful walls and ceilings, terrace with the view to the Dead sea and Movenpick ice cream (it was really cool to try Movenpick ice cream at the Movenpick hotel) along with the cocktails for the sunset.

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

My room was at the main building facing the Dead sea. The terrace with the view to the sunset was a nice surprise at it feels so special to have a drink with a good view, which is completely yours. Inside the room everything is done for your comfort: it wasn’t huge, but absolutely effective with comfortable beds, TV, very good bathroom, all the light that you need, air-condition and perfect wi-fi to do all the important stuff. Classical Swiss quality felt here in it’s best!

Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea is a resort, so the common areas are the main reason why people come here and they are made to suit every interest and needs.

  • 3 common pools (+ 1 pool for special VIP area): 1 pool with the warm water, 1 large pool even with the sand , 1 infinity pool with the view to the Dead sea (i call it adult pool as it was very calm there).
  • Spa area with a big variety of treatments
  • Gym and tennis court, which was perfect for me
  • The beach area with the entrance to the Dead sea, where you can float, apply black mud (which is specially collected) and wash yourself. There are 2 lifeguards on duty, which is really important. As i said before, swimming in the Dead sea could be dangerous, i saw how couple of people got salt water on their faces or eyes and lifeguards reacted brilliantly and immediately brought water to wash out the sal. So you will definitely feel yourself extra safe there.
  • There is doctor on duty (don’t forget, it’s a health resort), who can help you to make the program of treatments depending on your health conditions and needs. There are several hundreds of people, who came to this resort each year for the treatments, so it works for it perfectly
  • There are several restaurants at the resort:
    – very tasty Italian restaurant at the plaza (recommended for pasta dishes, loved it very much)
    – Jordanian food cafe with local dishes and shisha, which was really popular among locals and feels exactly like same kind of places in the city
    – bar at the main building with the cocktails and sunset happy hour
    – main restaurant with the breakfast and buffet lunches and dinners. Buffet lunch is something that is worth extra mentioning: i had it 1 time and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety. Everything is fresh, many healthy options like salads, fish, vegetables. It felt more like a-la carte quality food placed as a buffet.

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

So my 2 days at the resort went really good:
– when i arrived i was greeted by welcome drink and brought to my room
– after it i have spend some time at the pool and had a buffet lunch
– 1 hour swedish massage and felt myself super relaxed
– than i have spend couple of hours floating, applying mud, making pics and trying to wash myself from the mud
– i spend sunset time at the terrace of my room with the view to the Dead sea
– at night i went to the main pizza at the village (and as i said before, Resort itself is a village). As it was a weekend day (Friday night, which is the rest day in Jordan), it was full of locals, who came to spend a day there. I had a brilliant dinner at the Italian restaurant with very nice ambience around as everyone was just enjoying their free time and smoking Shisha at the piazza
– After the breakfast at the second day i went to the pool and spend couple of hours sunbathing
– Then i spend couple of hours at the gym
– Had a lunch and Movenpick ice cream at the lobby bar
– Went to the Dead sea to apply black mud again (i should take the most of it, isn’t it?)
– Relaxed a bit in my room
– Had a local style dinner at the restaurant
– Went to bed to have a good beauty sleep
– Woke up the next day full of power and ready to explore my next place in Jordan

The Dead Sea Jordan Movenpick resort and Spa review

It is absolutely worth and highly recommended to see the Dead sea and have an experience here. If you have an opportunity, make the most of it to recharge and invest into yourself. It’s not the usual beach destination (party hard is not here), but more like a recreational area to take care about yourself, see one of the miracles of the world and have some bold experiences. The best part of it is that it is not kind of “once in a lifetime” experience: if you give yourself time here, you can feel the benefits of doing it regularly. It was really brilliant idea to have some extra days at the Dead sea, but not just come here for a day, i definitely can recommend you doing the same as it will bring way different experience and in this case you can make something really good for your health!


Disclaimer: My journey to Jordan was sponsored by Movenpick Hotels & Resorts. Still all opinions here are completely mine!

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