Zaragoza is not a big city , but still it got a lot to do. Apart from the main Cathedral, famous Easter celebrations and Expo zone, it is home of 3 finest examples of Aragon architecture, which are included in UNESCO World Heritage list, very nice and real old city centre and Aragon province iitself is a birthppace of chocolate. Firstly it was made at the monastery, which is located around 100km away from Zaragoza. Now the city is filled with the shops selling sweets and chocolates. For the tourists there is a cool way to experience it: for 9$ i have bought a Choco pass, which can be used to get 5 sweet treats in different shops in the city. You simply come, show you pass a get something to taste: a full 125g chocolate, bag of fruits like cherry or oranges covered in chocolate or something like this. Such a cool idea to be true, very interesting way to discover this side of the city and worth the price as the quaility is really good.

Also there are dozens of tapas bars in Zaragoza, which brings awesome opportunity to join tapas crowl without any special efforts. Basically for the tourist that means walking around, watching sites and having small stops for a glass of wine and tapas. Morning, day or evening – they are almost always opened and not empty. Every bar is not the same and have something special to try. The prices are also different: cheapest glass of house wine is 1€, for 2,5€ you will get really good one, 1 tapas is usually 1,8-2,5€. I would say, that paying a bit more usually brings a better quality, but cheaper places are more local and interesting to see the locals, who really use it. So it makes sense to have a bit of everything!