Early few hours long train ride from Bilbao and i made it to the capital of Aragon region of Spain – Zaragoza!
From the very first minute i was surrounded by the festive events of Santa semana (Holy week) celebration. Here it is almost full week of vacations and celebrations. Many places are closed and even major attractions finish their work at 2pm. Zaragoza these days is filled with traditional parades from differents churches and monasteries with orchestras, Bible scenes, woman wearing traditional black clothes and people wearing hoods with slits for the eyes (something simular to ku-klus-klan). Apart from it people are walking along the streets, chatting, having good time and eating lots of tapas.

Still i had some time to check famous Zaragoza cathedral, which is one of the largest in the world, browse the streets of old town and check the area of Expo 2008, which is now a bit abandoned, but still have several interesting buildings. For sure, the best idea for the evening was just to join the celebration, feel the vibe and have a few good tapas stops along the way! And it’s really nice, because the days are already very long, the sunset is after 9pm.