In the morning i made it to the town next to Bilbao – Portugalete. Though technically another town, it is just short metro ride from Bilbao. The reason a came here is to see UNESCO World Heritage Site –  Puente Colgante!

Build in the end of 19th century it is the finest example of industrial era. This is a bridge with gondola suspended on cables from 61m towers – the notion was to link the suburb of Getxo with the old port of Portugalete without impeding the passage of big ships. It is still in use and it’s possible to ride it and also to walk at the top of the bridge. Though it looks scary, but its almost wasn’t even for me, who is aware of heights. So i took this pic from the top of the bridge as the symbol! (Check all of them) The bridge and site itself are really amazing, so interesting and symbolic!

After it i had obligatory daily portion of Pintxos (basque tapas) and have spend the rest of my day enjoying sunshine in Bilbao, it’s old town and beautiful art at the museum of fine arts. Definetely loved my stay in Bilbao so much.