Bilbao is one of those cities where you feel comfortable from the first second! Here everything is done for the people, it is historical, but modern at the same time. Bilbao is known for it’s modern design, but it lives with the historical part of the city in complete harminy. Everything is pretty, safe, and well maintained.

Bilbao is hilly city and first minutes i was a bit lost trying to find my way, but quickly all the paths became familiar. Compared to other places in Spain i’ve been before, it is way more local and made for people who live here. Still tourist came here to see famous Guggenheim Museum, check old part of the city Casco Viejo and to eat! Eat a lot and drink wine! All day! From the early morning till night i saw lots of bars opened and never i saw them empty. During the day streets were filled with business people having their modday glass of wine, at night everyone had few.

The main dish in the bar in basque country is called Pintxos, which is local version of tapas, but a bit more gourmet i guess. The variety is great and they are really super tasty. My favourite were Pintxos with bread, jamon and mashed potatoto on top. So now i have a new routine exploring the city: see 1 sight – have 1 pintxos!