I’m back on the road. This time i want to succeed in one challenge. When i have started exploring full-time from the very beginning i had one of the basic ideas to explore Spain. I really love Spain, it is one of 3 countries where i have spend the most of my time (more only in UK and Thailand), but i was only in Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid before. I had an idea of spending few month here last summer and got my tickets bought, but after calculating the overall budget, i have realized that i will spend too much: only accommodation will be more than 10000€ + transport + spendings will end up in amount more than i have spend for 1 years on the road. So i have cancelled it and made a jorney to the Balcans last summer, which was a great idea and works cool!

Still i want to explore Spain! So to make it work this time i have consulted with some of my local insta friends and have planned my journey at spring (not in summer) and will try to explore it more local. Of course, no stays at top holiday destinations during peak time where possible. It was a bit tricky as Spain got lots of local celebrations non stop and Easter time now is super busy, it’s almost crazy. But still, i will try to make it work. So, guys, if you have any advices, i will appreciate!

Today is just the start, so i took my first flight from Moscow to Bilbao with the night connection in Barcelona.

Hello, Spain! So good to be back!