In the morning i had a couple hours drive from @movenpickjo to Wadi Rum. Wadi Rum is a desert in Jordan, famous for it’s absolutely incredible views. I can hardly believe my eyes: i’m not on planet Earth as i know it anymore! The views here are absolutely out of this world! Rocks, sand and light are absolutely stunning! No surprise that Martianin movie with Matt Daimon was filmed here few years ago.

Exploring Wadi Rum is easy as there are good jeep routes here, when you can see main views for couple of hours, enjoy some tea at bedoin cafes and just relax. It is not crazy dunes rides, but more like normal ride. I also love that there are no tourist crowds here as it is happens in touristy desert areas.

It is possible to have a dinner in Wadi Rum camp with the views to the stars at night or stay overnight, but as i had different plans for the night, i skipped it.


At night we went to “Petra by night”, which is pretty famous way to see Petra. Few times a week they lit 3000 candles in Petra and show you some magic of it in this way.
I need to be honest, i came here to see it and take pics, but succeeded only in seeing it as the cinditions were tough with too little light, lots of people (really hundreds) and i had very little time to take a proper pic. I have few, but wouldn’t share them in feed as they are bad technically.  Not every pic opportunity works, unfortunatuly!