The day to explore Petra, the World Wonder and UNESCO World Heritage site. For me it is the 4th World Wonder that i have visited for the last 3 months.

In the morning i left from my @movenpickjo at the Dead Sea to get to Petra. Jordan is not super huge, so it’s just around 3 hours drive and the roads are great,so it was really enjoayable.

Right after after arriving, i went to explore Petra itself. I was lucky as it was Monday, which is great day to go with not that much people around: apart from several points like The Treasury, there were almost no people around,no tourist busses at all. Make a note, it’s really good tip!

Petra is one of the most expensive tourist sites in the world. If you visit it as a day tour the entrance can cost up to 130$, but if you stay in Jordan it is around 70$. I guess only Disneyland ticket for a day cost more. Also its good to know that 2 days ticket is just 7$ more expensive.

Still 1 day was enough for me to spend in Petra. There were couple more places to see, but i left it with the feeling that i saw enough. It is big and really exciting! I really can feel the magical energy of this place and essencial 2 km long canyon, which is the only way to get here, just add some magic to it. Apart from the Treasury there are much more things and places to see, it was absolutely real city with houses, few other temples, plazas, amphitheater, river and valley. I also went to the viewpoint to see Petra from above and it was really cool walk, but quite long. It took me around 2,5 hours return to get there. Still there are 2 points and guys who “work” there will be very pushy to show them to you. Anyway, i have done it on my own without no big problems. The view was great, but i wasn’t lucky with the light (very hard sunshine and shadows), that i couldn’t ahow you some cool pics from there! But i have others! 😄

Anyway, there is no doubt that Petra is stunning and it’s place in a World Wonder list is well deserved! Magical!