The Dead sea is one of those unique places on Earth where our mother Nature showed us her impressive imagination. Dead sea experience is an interesting combination of coastal getaway, visiting amazing natural place and lowest point on Earth, having cool experiences and making something great for your health. To make the most of it i decided to stay here for 2 days at @movenpickjo!
Floating and applying black mud was probably the boldest and funniest part of my time here. As some of you know, i am very bad swimmer. So figuring out whether i could swim or nor here was very interesting for me. Actually, almost no-one can swim at the Dead sea, only float at their back.
The water here feels really special, oily and way more structured than we are used to. The best comparison will be soup or olive oil. It’s cool to try to feel it between your fingers and watch it in your palms. This time of year the water was really chilly for me and it took me some time to adapt to it.
I would say that i half succeed in floating: i was fine when i was holding something next to me and the water feels a bit more supporting than usually. But i started to drawn when i released it. My ass don’t want to stay on the water without support. So yes, i guess you need at least some basic swimming skills to float in the Dead sea, too. You know, it’s kind of skills that you are not realising that you have. Still i experienced it and i can feel a big difference!