My second day in Amman was about browsing around main sites and just enjoing. My first goal was to find some warm clothes, but i failed! 😆 Why? Well, i am really picky with it and just love what i love. But here even some usual mass market brands were adapted to the local taste. I was trying to find just super basic sweetshot without anything, but the only one i have found cost 5 times more than in London. Ok, it’s not that cold and i can survive! I hope! 😄

So today i checked couple mosques, visited Citadel and roman amphitheater. But my favourite part was visiting local market with lots of spices, fruits, vegetables, coffee, fish etc. I forget how much i love to cook from time to time and i hardly stopped myself from bying everything. That tomatoes, cabbages, oranges, potato, coffee, sweets! 😋😋😋 My second favourite thing today was trying local sweets. The most famous one is called Knafeh and consists of sweet part and melted cheese. There is a place in Amman, which is famous for it and it’s absolutely amazing. There dozens of people around it standing right in the street and eating the same thing. Less than 1$, but it made my day!