My first day in Jordan! When i have arrived here from Egypt, it took me by surprise that it is much colder in Amman. I came from 20-25C to 10C. Funny part is that I got almost no warm clothes with me as there are no room for it in my small backpack (you probably know that i’m a light traveller, stuff is something that i don’t want to care about too much). Still it’s not that bad as the sun is shining and chilli weather feels ok even in my sweatshot and a t-shirt.

Another huge difference is that Jordan is really nice and well maintained. Roads are good, airport is great, no huge crowds, everything works and clean. No surprise, as Jordan these days have one of the most expensive currencies in the world. It is even more expensive than British pound.

I had few hours to check some places in Amman. It suprised me as i had way different image in my mind. I thought that Amman is crazy, very loud, classical Arab city. But it’s calm, nice and clean. There are not that many sights here, but couple days could be well spend without rush.

Rainbow street is famous for it’s nice vibe with bars, cafes. Famous citadel have a great view to all the hills and houses around (Amman is really hilly city). Probably the best thing today was a meal at famous Hashem restaurant, which is home of one of the cheapestand best food here. Just gor 3 dinars (4$) i had wonderful national dinner with bread, hummus, falafel, vegetables, tea and i guess something else. It’s a kind of place where you simply come, sit down and they bring everything to your table on the street. No menu or kind of it! And it was really delicious!

First day was cool!