Second day in Luxor  is the day to explore another part of the city – East bank. It is the place, where «modern” part of Luxor is located, but apart from it there are also 2 very important sites: Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.

Karnak Temple is the second largest ancient temple in the world after Angkor Wat. It took almost 2000 years to build it and it is still home of the largest room in religious building ever built! This magical place is definitely worth visiting and it is the second most visited place in Egypt after pyramids. Karnak temple is the place of action in Agatha Christie’s «Death on Nile» , it was featured in Transformers, Lara Croft, The Mummy returns, The Spy who loved me and even in Sims 3 game. The temple is definitely gorgeous and thought it feels like maybe 30% of it left till now, it is still looks super impressive.

The temple of Luxor was the second place i have visited today. It is connected with Karnak Temple with 3km long alley of the Sphinx (which is now on reconstruction). This place is probably the most known in Luxor. Mostly because of pop culture. Even i had a video game and game on my smartphone, where it was featured. The shapes of the entrance are so well-knowed so i definitely feel some kind of deja-vu while exploring it!