Today is big day of exploring amazing heritage in Luxor. The city is devided by Nile river to the West and East Bank and i decided to start with the West Bank as the place with lots of sights.

This part of the city is mostly tombs, mountains and temples. Exploring it is the same as exploring other ancient cities and the best way to do it is by bike. So in the morning i took local ferry to the West Bank, hired a bycicle and simply went to explore.

Research is the key as there are around 20 places to see and entrance tickets could be really pricey! It’s easy to spend 100$ for a day just to pay for the entrance. My plan was to see some major and most significant places, so i had a list of them:

Habu temple
Seti temple
Tombs of the Nobles: Nakht, Menna, Amenemopet
Valley of the Kings incl. tombs of Tutankhamon + Ramzes 6, + Tuthmosis 3, Ramzes 4, Tutgmosis 3

All of them are significant and absolutely amazing and exploring them happened to be easier than i thought.

The territory around is mostly desert and it could be really hot there, but cyckling definetely helps.

Of course, the Valley of the Kings is the most famous among all the places i have mentioned. It is packed with dozens of Tombs of Egyptian rulers, which were made inside the rocks. Visiting them is really impressive and unique! You enter to another world and lots of time periods from Egyptian time to 19th centure, when all of them were opened and everything was taken away. But the tombs themselves are there and also the most famous mummie of Tutanhamon is there and you can see it.