Abu Simbel temples are two big rock temples in Egypt next to the border with Sudan! Visiting them was a WOW moment of my journey to Egypt. They are massive from outside and georgeous from inside. I felt myself like i’m in a Mummie movie or kind of it. They are really impressive, huge and absolutely stunning!

I even was lucky as there was almost noone there but us majority of time!

To be honest, the day itself happened to be really nervous as it doesn’t work from the first moment. For some strange reason our private driver for day forget about us. It was double wierd as it cost us 150$ and there was no other way to get there but by car or by cruise.  Really something wierd for the country where there is a luck of tourists. The trouble is that to get there we need a special permission from the police, which supposed to be granted day before. So i thought that i wouldn’t get there at all because of this strange situation. But at the end they have found a driver and brought us there. In a few minutes we have realized that we got no permission as they asked us to hide from the police inside the car. So at the end it worked, but definetely was super nervous and the guy who was with us was far from beeing good: he hardly speak english, though we supposed to have a guide, he came back to pick us almost 45 minutes later and i was already thinking that he simply left us there and wondering what i will do as our backpacks were at his car. And at the end he even didn’t help us to buy ticket at the train station. We were lucky as there were good local woman who helped us. It’s really so strange that for amount of money that majority of well educated people in my country earn for 2-3 day of work this guy have done just several hours drive with such a bad hospitality. It’s not only money, but just general human relationship. Unfortunatuly, not that rare.

Day 423: Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel temples are two big rock temples in Egypt next to the border with Sudan! Visiting them was a
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