Today i have left Cairo and next goal is Abu Simbel, which happened to be relatively remote place. To get there i have to get to Aswan, which is also classical tourism destination in Egypt and then 180km drive through the desert. I wasn’t too interested in Aswan itself when i have checked what to see there, so i decided to come there for 1 day. So today I have spend almost all day on the train to Aswan, which takes around 13 hours.

Trains are fine in Egypt and the train happened to be good for this part of the world. The only trouble is that for some reason officially tourists are allowed to use only overnight tourist trains (100$ per person). In reality it is easy to buy ticket online to get regular daily train ride, which cost around 6$. Still it’s worth making sure that you buy tickets for the right express trains (better 1st class) as there are some really super local trains, which i guess would feel too much almost for everyone.

Day 419: Hello, Egypt!
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Day 423: Abu Simbel
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Day 421 part 1: Islamic Cairo
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