After exploring Islamic part of Cairo i took a taxi and went to the obligatory Piramids of Giza. Once the tallest manmade structure in the world and the only original World Wonder that is still exist. It’s hard to find such a classical structure and obligatory place to see at least once in your life!

Piramids are located 25-30 minutes drive from Cairo centre. My plan is to stay next to them for the night. The reason i want to do it is that there are several guesthouses facing the piramids with good view from there and it sounds like a good idea for me.

The view was definetely the best i can ask for. And as a bonus point at night i can see a light show for free sipping wine at the rooftop terrace.

Checking and walking around piramids themselves was also nice. As it is really popular place there are lots of touts around and everyone try to fool you including cashier at the ticket office, who tried to give me less change. Classics! They are doing it here for generations!

To be true, it wasn’t as bad as i thought thanks to the great advice i have read before going: don’t take money with you, it will make you have fun without caring about tricks. I don’t know why, but almost noone bothered me at all (maybe just 10-15 times, which is almost noone, haha) while i was just walking around and enjoying the site.

My main concern was whether it’s possible just to walk around piramids or i really need a transport as everyone says (don’t trust anyone here). In reality the distance is not that big. I easily walked around all the piramids for couple of hours taking pics and watching around.

Bucket list item checked! ✅

Have you ever been here? Tell me about yout visit!

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