I got no idea what to expect from Cairo and it literally blow my mind. It is so exotic and chaotic here, so much going on around and such a huge change of scenery compared to my previous places.
I got only rough idea what to see and do here, so after taking some advices from guys at @fourseasons i decided to take a taxi to the largest mosque in the city. Very quickly taxi driver suggested me to show around for a reasonable price that i decided that its the best way to see around.
For a few hours driving around Cairo i was completely amazed: this mix of impressive mosques, citadels, churches and buidings surrounded by absolutely messy, but impressive cityline and life is something truly unique. I am really surprised: how does it happened that i never saw at least some of the places here before! Some are really incredible and the mood of one of the oldest Islamic cities in the World made it super special!

Cairo is not an easy place, at first it could even look a bit scary because it is so unusual and messy: everything from traffic to people looks really exotic, so it took me a few hours to get used to it. Meanwhile, people are really friendly. Never before i have heard so many people everywhere telling me something like “Welcome to Egypt” and not many times i took so many selfies with the others. The reason is obvious: there are almost no independent tourists here and all impressive structures are struggling without it.
Of course, there is always someone, who wants some money from you, but i would say that mostly they do it so nice here (but not always to be true), that it feels nice to help a bit if i can do it.
So during the day i checked impressive Sultan Hussan & Al Rafa’i monuments (these are 2 big mosques), impressive Citadel, which looks a bit like famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (it was build as a copy of it, but i would say it’s different) and the area of Old Cairo. Old Cairo surprised me with the variety if Christian churches including the Church St. George with very important relics and the cave, where the Saint family lived for 3 months. That makes me feel that I really know absolutely nothing at all as i even got not idea how much history of a mankind is mixed in this ancient city!

I ended my day exploring the artefacts of Egyptian museum, which is known for it’s great collection and very out-of-date presentation of it. Firsly it was boring, but after some browsing i really think that it’s still worth visiting as there are some really impressive artefacts.
Cairo definetely amazed me! There are only a couple of places with such a significantly important sights and such a blend of cultures. Nowhere on Earth u can see real Egyptian artefacts, impressive islamic architecture and real places from the Bible in a few hours.

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