Abu Dhabi is not the same as Dubai. I would say, it’s more practical and business oriented. And, of course, extremely wealthy. Mostly people come here for business and it’s hard to see many tourists on the streets.
But little by little Abu Dhabi is building amazing places to see and they are already absolutely good enough reason to come. I came hetr with the particular goal: i want to see Sheikh Zayed Mosque and recently opened Louvre museum.
I started my morning with the breakfast at the random Starbucks, which happened to be some kind of office branch. I came there exactly when the working day has started and had amazing people watching. I got no idea what was the company there, but the place was literally packed with super wealthy business people. Local Top managers in traditional clothes, arabian woman (i am not sure, maybe they were personal assistants or kind of it) in hidjabs and several thousand dollars high heel shoes, hired expact managers, people who came there for a business meeting etc. Everyone was chatting and socializing before the working day. It was such a interesting mix of wealthy international crowd. Was really interesting to see it!
After it i took a taxi and went to Sheikh Zayed mosque. The place is located away from almost everything, but it’s completely packed with the tourists. This Mosque is stunning! It is unbelivable georgeous! White marble everywhere, huge marble flowers on the floor, stunning arches, reflections. Every detail of Islamic architecture is perfectly nailed! It is made to be a World Wonder one day! If you will ever visit, make sure to have a free tour around it as visiting the mosque on your own is a bit limited and with the tour it is possible to see and enter the zones, which are not possible to enter if you are not muslim.

Abu Dhabi Louvre is a recently opened hot spot. This world class museum was build in Abu Dhabi and have the right to use the name Louvre for 30 years. It’s own collwction just started to grow, so next 15 years it will show some items from original Louvre. The museum have the perfect size to showcase highlights and now showing several hundreds of objects from different eras, cultures and styles bringing kind of short excursion to the art of manking from 3000 year BC till 20th century. One of 7 remained works of Leonardo da Vinci was probably the biggest surprise for me. I saw it before and it was like meeting an old friend!
Of course, the architecture of the museum itself worth seeing it! It’s definetely one of the greatest modern buildings in the world with stunning details and impressive ideas. There is so much there, that it’s definetely worth spending extra hour just to understand how all the lines, colours, textures are mixed witg tye light, water and air! Honestly, it’s really incredible!
I have finished my day with a drink and a sunset view at the rooftop bar in famous Emirates Towers! Definetely great day filled with continiously “amazing” and “georgeous”!