Time to start new lag of my journey and explore Middle East!
My long-haul flight brought me to Dubai as a starting point of this trip. I arrived late after midnight and decided simply to spend the rest of the night at the airport as all the hotels options were unreasonable for a few hours sleep and a shower. So oficially it’s my first night sleeping at the airport during this current journey. Not bad!
I’ve been in Dubai before, so today i decided just to spend few hours enjoying the mood and adapting to the new region. It’s such a dramatic change of scenery and time zones for me, that a bit of familarity even good!
In Dubai everything is simple and just works. We used to take it for granted, but the more I travel, the more i realise that it’s so rare! It was cool to check some areas i saw before and try to fugure out what has changed. New buildings, new sites etc. Like Dubai Frame, which was opened few weeks ago and new hot place to visit.
After a few hours browsing around, I took a bus to Abu Dhabi. For some reason before researching, i thought that it’s a tricky ride. In reality it was very easy regular bus service and around 1,5-2 hours ride.
Now time to have some proper sleep and recharge before exploring Abu Dhabi!