I can’t believe, but i’m here! I never thought i would made it to Brunei as i need a visa to enter! But i have found that if i have a transit flight by Royal Brunei (only it) i can enter and spend up to 72 hours here without any prior formalities. It was a bit tricky as i had to prove it in the airline check-in counter and at the border control, but it works. It was fun, because when i was crossing the border it looked like: – “you need a visa”
– “no, i don’t, you just need to stamp me”
– “oh yes? Ok!” (Stamp!) 😂

So now i have 20 hours in Brunei to check some major sights and tick new country in my bucket list as a country that i have been to!

Brunei is small country in Borneo island and it is known as a place with very strict laws and restrictions. As always in reality it doesn’t feel like this. People were really nice, everyone smiled and was ready to help during my time here as i got no idea what I’m doing! 😄

Few hours were enough to see couple of beautiful mosques, have a ride to the Floating village, check Chineese temple, street market and see how locals go to pray at Friday, which is day to pray for Muslims. Definetely not bad and i glad i had this opportunity.