After few days in Maldives it’s time to move next!

Next weeks i will have several really tricky “pro” connections. The reason is that i try to utilise different opportunities of connection flights to get the most of it and i’m really excited as I hope to visit some cool destinations i never thought i would visit.

It all started after i tried to fugure out what to do next and one by one i have found some amazing opportunities. Like that 147$ return flight to Maldives!

So i took my first flight from Male to Kuala Lumpur. I have 1 day transit there and i decided to spend it in the airport as i got everything i need here. Occasionally i ended up spending my night in the hotel for the airline crew. It is a bit in the middle of nowhere, but it happens to be kind of experience as i had an opportunity to see other side of inner airport life and even saw a bit more of airport itself than people usually do. It was fun, because it was so obvious that the rooms were made for a professional purpose, not for leisure. And it was better and more “warm”, than the company itself work for the clients. Interesting!

After it i had some super essential shopping as i need to renew half of my clothes for my next destinations and took another flight to… Stay tuned! 😜