Maldives got several types of islands:
– resort islands are well-known as top luxury getaways, usually 1 island is only resort
– locals islands are not well-known, but gives a chance to see some real local life and experience Maldives in another way and another budget. The main thing here is that the beaches are almost the same and local islands are a bit bigger.

I choose Thoddoo island for a few days in Maldives. It is pretty local place, not super small, but I can easily walk around it in an 1,5 hours. It is really very quite here and not much going on: couple dozen of small guest houses, 4 streets, local school, 3-4 really basic food stores, several basic cafes and the rest are 1-store houses and small farms with papaya, watermelons and palms.

Thoddoo definitely not a place, where you can go for a caramel macchiato: food and social life is very limited here. But it’s a place, where you go to stay away from everything and for amazing beaches. I have heard that Maldives beaches are the best and i can say, that it’s absolutely true: beaches are incredible!