Today is my second travel day on my way to Maldives. After few hours sleep in Kuala Lumpur airport i took my flight to Male.

For many people Maldives is a dream destination! I need to be honest: i never had a dream visiting it. Thought i had it in my mind and it feels like something interesting to see. When i have found 150$ return tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Male i have realised, that i would never have a better chance and i need to give it a go.

My flight arrived in Friday, which is a day of rest here in Maldives. That means, i got no chance to catch any public ferry to my island and have a choice of staying somewhere in the airport till next day and catching night ferry (100$ + public ferry which goes at night + i’m loosing 1,5 days for it) or simply taking this speed ferry for 100$. Mathematics works! The only thing is that i never thought i would have to wait for it for 6 hours! Really, getting to Maldives is tricky! And expensive! Male airport happened to be probably the most expensive place i ever been. Coffee 5,5$, something to eat starts fro 10$, sunscreen 44$. And i got no choice, but to pay for food it as i need something to eat! :-))) Anyway, after this long travel time, i finally arrived to Maldives and finally ready to enjoy it’s beauty next few days!