Komodo National park is amazing, really! But visiting it is a bit of adventure and that is the main reason why it’s not super ovecrowded.

It’s not that bad, too much people will be bad for it, but its also good to know that Kimodo is definetely not a place for the one who travels once a year to the beach.

Visiting it could be realtively easy if you know how to do it right. If quickly: take a flight to Lebuan Bajo from Bali or Jakarta, reserve hotel online and buy your day tour in local agency. That short phrase will help you to do it right.

There are way more options like few day cruises from Lombok or taking several day cruises to the national park. Some people would say that its the best, but for me its not. The reason is very simple: safety! Boats mostly are really basic and the area is really unpredictable. I have read too much bad about it and have heard some stories and i definetely vote for avoiding it especially during rain season, which is right now. If you still want to take multi day biat tour, make sure to see the boat itself till you pay anything and don’t reserve it online.

Day tours are good with several options starting from 25$ (40$ if you bargain not very good) with visiting 4 main places to speed boats for 100$ and 5 places to visit. I would say, no big difference, but cheaper are a bit less comfy and you probably will have to board from water or jump between boats to board and leave, but thats ok. Lunch and snorkelling gear always included. The routes are almost the same everywhere and you can visit everything main in 1 full long day. So 1 full day here is good amount of time to see the best. If you want to do it a bit deeper and see more or dive more, than almost only option is taking a private boat for 100-150$ for a full day.