Day to explore World Wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Komodo national park and surroundings!

There are number of different islands here and some amazing places for snorkelling and views! The easiest way to explore it is just taking a day boat tour from local agencies.

We started really early around 5-30 with the calm and beautiful sunrise while sailing from the harbour. I was really lucky with the perfect weather, which could be tricky this time of year, though sailing around Komodo island itself was closed due to rough sea.

After around 3 hours of sailing we came to probably the most picturesque place in the park – Padar island. It it completely inhabited, but amazing place. Short hiking to the hill that takes maybe 15-20 minutes if you are fit, and i made it to this amazing scenic position with the view to this 3 stunning beaches around! That’s a mind blowing view! Definitely in my Top5 most beautiful natural places i ever saw!

Next stop was Rinca island. It is part of Komodo park and one of 2 places in the world where you can meet Komodo dragons. The second place is Komodo island itself, which is next to it. The chance here is way bigger and i saw 5 dragons. Really dangerous and big creatures, though you are guided and i felt completely safe!

After it we came to couple of snorkelling locations with amazing crystal clear blue water, where even without swimming, you can see the corals and mantas in the depth of 20-30 metres. It was so stunning, i never saw anything like this and the water is truly amazing. Something that picture can hardly show!

I get back to my hotel after 7pm, so it was definitely a long day, but one of the most amazing i ever had!