Today for the first time in my life i spend a night on a small island even without cars there and woke up in this typical small island house in Gili island. 🌞

Today for the first time i will have 2 travel days in a row to make it to my next destination. Things are getting trickier as i exploring more and more and getting a bit away from the main roads.

Today i have to get back to Bali and take a flight to my next place in Indonesia from there tomorrow. There is no way i can make it in one day apart from risking my life and taking a speed boat as the water now is very rough and it’s dangerous.

So i have to take a small boat back to Lombok, than 2 hours drive to the airport and than hopefully a flight to Bali. Why hopefully? Because for the first time i went to the airport without a ticket. 😆 There is a number of reasons for it, but i simply couldn’t buy it.

When i came to the airport, i have found that there were no more tickets. I got no idea how, but yesterday at night there were tickets to every of several flights, but today everything is sold out. At least everyone told me so. Than i have checked it online and still have found couple of last tickets for the late flight.

Few more hours in the airport and I made it back to Bali to spend a night between the flights.