Gili islands are small, beautiful and natural islands next to Lombok in Indonesia. There are 3 of them and all are relatively famous for beaches, snorkelling and party. Actually, they are way more touristy than Lombok itself. Funny enough, but i have learned about them when i was checking what to do in Lombok.

I randomly choose Gili Air, one of them, to stay for a day and check what is what. It was a random choice and later i have learned that Gili Trawangan is more popular, but who cares.

Gili Air is located just 2-3 km away from Lombok and getting there is easy, but requires lots of husstle. Honestly, i would prefere to walk, but not deal with it. Unfortunatuly, transport in Indonesia especially boats are really tricky. It took me by surprise, but it is. Western tourists are tricked and skammed all the time, quality and security of it is a big question. I’m not even talking about timetables, there are no timetables. This time it was my turn scammed and i ended up paying twice and spending almost 1,5 hours instead of 30 minutes dealing with the troubles. Its a small amount, just 1,5$, but it really leaves a bad aftertaste that literally everyone tryes to fool you.

Gili Air itself is a small island, it is possible to walk around it in 1,5 hours. It is touristy, i got a feeling that 80% there was made for tourists: hotels, cafes, bars, dive centres, yoga classes etc. The beaches there are really nice, white with coral sand and actually it feels like a small paradise with the main moto of slow living. There are even no cars on the island, only horses and bicycles. Electricity could be also an issue, it was out for a few hours today. So definetely interesting place for a detox and recharge in a beautiful area.

Something completely different from what i saw before.