Lombok is an island in Indonesia, located not far away from Bali, but a bit overshadowed by the popularity of Bali. It is good news as Bali is really busy now and sometimes you want just to relax. Many people visit Lombok to enjoy some calm time and nature, also it is really romantic place because of it’s beauty. It’s not the place where you go to party (still you can do it in Gili islands), but it’s a place where you go to recharge.

There are plenty of awesome things to do in Lombok:

  • Beaches and snorkelling are awesome and it’s definetely a place for you if need a good beach. The best beach i have seen in Indonesia was here. One of the best beaches in Lombok are Mawun Beach, Selong Belanak, Tanjung Aan, Pink Beach
  • Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcanoe in Indonesia. Most of people came to Lombok to see it, but make sure to plan i advance as you need 2 full days with overnight camping if you want to see the best of it. It is still possible to do it in 1 day, but you will hike just part of it. Also it is not opened all year round, so make sure to check it
  • Check Colorful Fields from Bukit Pegasingan, which are possible to see during 1 day hike to Mount Rinjani
  • Gili islands are probably even more popular and famous than Lombok itself. They are worth staying for couple days and Gili Air was my personal favourite because it was so calm and special
  • Kuta and Senggigi are the most tourist places here, but mostly there is a beach and some places to eat and stay
  • Lombok got numerous waterfalls, mostly in the northern part of the island: Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep or Sendang Gile and in the centre of the island: Benang Kelambu, Benang Stokel or Jeruk Manis near Tetebatu.
  • Island Hopping Around the Sekotong Islands

Lombok beach

It’s definetely worth mentioning that Lombok is huge and travelling around it requires a lot of time and some kind of transportation as there are almost no public transportation here. Make sure not to plan a lot for the day when you will arrive and depart as it will take a bit more time than you expect. Most of the places requires at least full day to see it. Even getting to the airport or ferry can take 2-3 hours.

I decided to visit Lombok in early February taking just a public ferry from Bali. Only when i came, i have realised that now it’s top of the off-season here. So i literally couldn’t plan to explore some natural sights and do even short 8 hours volcanoe hiking. Actually, this hike is the main reason to come here and it takes 3 days to make full hiking trail, but there is also short 1 day hike, which will bring you to the altitude of around 1800 metres. But the weather is so unpredictable now, that i decided not to risk. Also main places like Pink beach are also hard to reach. Lombok and this region looks very small on the map, but if i would go to check the beach, i would have to spend 9 hours in car to get there. So i ended up deciding to spend my day around my hotel.

Hotel Tugu Lombok

By chance i was really lucky: my Tugu Hotel in Lombok happened to be located in relatively remote, but amazing location. I have a view to the Gili islands, i have an amazing coral beach right next to me with literally 3 people around. This is literally one of the best places and best beaches i have ever seen, it’s absolutely real and i got it only for me! And i was lucky with the weather: almost all day was sunny and beautiful.

Beach near Tugu hotel Lombok

Hotel itself is really epic and brings some essential hospitality of the highest class possible. It is not super huge, so you don’t feel yourself in the crowd of another holidaymakers, but you feel yourself special and unique while staying there.

The location of Hotel Tugu in Lombok can feel a bit secluded: it takes around 2,5 hours drive from the airport, 1,5 hours to get here from the public ferry terminal and just 10 minutes drive from the boat terminal to the Gili islands. So if you want to see both Lombok and Gili, it will be very convinient as it won’t take much time to get there. Actually, Gili Air island is clearly visible from the beach of the hotel.  If i can walk on water, it will take me no more than 30 minutes just to walk there.

Tugu hotel Lombok

My room there was really special! Firstly i was so surpsied as i wasn’t  expected anything so huge: it is very big and really impress from the first glance. When you enter hotel you pass the small bridge, which brings the feeling of intimacy and then when you see your villa room, it is really amazing. Firstly you enter to the smalll private garden of your villa, then you open huge doors and your room is WOW. Huge bed, huge mirror, impressive coach, windows, wardrobe room, otdoor bathtube and bath. Everything is natural, full of air and space. From the other side of the room there are another doors which leads to the small private pool and after it you can simply walk several metres and you are on the coral beach.

The beach next to the hotel is so impressive, that i wasn’t expecting it: it is made of coral sand and you literally see it. You see some parts of corals, shells and it is absolutely visible that the beach is natural and well maintained. No garbage, just sand and sealife! I never saw anuthing like this and it was really impressive.

Tugu hotel Lombok

Breakfast was another great part of my stay in Tugu Hotel. There is no buffet table or anything like this, but you have a full menu to yourself and can order anything you want to – it is included in your room price. Smoothie bowls, fruit platters, eggs Benedict, selection of different coffee from Indonesia! That’s the sign of true luxury!

And surely i left the best for last: Tugu hotel got one of the most spectacular pool i ever seen (and i saw a lot of awesome pools)! It is T-shaped infinite pool, surrounded by huge statues, that are made to show one of the IndonesianLove story. I really love this combination of private pool in your villa and huge impressive common pool: sometimes you want to have a private time, but sometimes you want to be  surrounded by others.

Though i have see only one little part of Lombok, i am absolutely amazed how beautiful it is! It is way different than Bali, but definitely worth spending a bit more time if you are lucky with the weather. One day i need to get back and make this 3 days hike!