Nusa Penida is an island just 25 km away from Bali, but almost no-one have heard about it just few years ago. This island with less than 1000 people living there was in the shadow of Bali for a long time. Everything has changed literally in a year. It started with the Instagram. After the island was visited by few big instagrammers, it was opened to the world. Now there are almost no people who have seen the famous images of the island and haven’t put it into their bucket list of must-visit places. Thought Nusa Penida is so big and popular now, it is still pretty undeveloped compared to Bali and visiting it is kind of adventure of it’s own.

Let’s be frank: mostly people come here to see amazing Kelingking beach. The view is amazing. One of the most intriguing part of it is a pathway to the little beach. You can reach it by walking very edgy and a bit dangerous stairs, which goes on the edge of the hill. Definitely not a walk for you if you have a fear of heights. The stairs are really in a very bad conditions and i never have heard that someone wanted to do the climb once again. Most of the people don’t do it and you can be fine enjoying the view even without risking your life.

Apart from it there are some more amazing places: Angel Lagoon and Broken beach are located next to each other and brings you amazing views.

Almost everyone goes to Nusa Penida for a day journey from Bali. As the island is pretty undeveloped, it’s kind of adventure. To do it you need to take a boat from Bali and for speed boat it could be a bumpy ride. After it you need to have some kind of vehicle to drive as all the places are far away from each other and the roads are hilly and some parts are very bad. Some hire a motorbike, which is not recommended if you are a bad driver. Mostly hire a driver for a day.

I choose the last option and had a fun day caring only about having a good time and listening Coldplay along the way.