This time i decided not to bother you with daily updates as all days now are pretty simular as i’m relaxing and hardly working on planning my future trips.
On the relaxing side i enjoy waking up late, having yoga routine, exploring beautiful food in Bali, which is amazing, and trying to have long beach walks if possible. This year the weather here is really rainy and i already know that the beach will be completely filled with the garbage if there was a rainfall at night. Also even in the good day swimming could be a bit dangerous. Some days are good and sunny, but i guess 70% are rainy.
My other part of the day is mostly about intence reading, researching, combining and planning my future trips. Who said that travelling full time is not a job? Actually, never before in my previous office life i had to make so many decisions, try so much choices, research, plan and take resposibilities. If i will do something wrong, it would be me who will sleep at the train station. Many people take this kind of journey as a holiday for a year. But it’s got nothing in common with it. When someone write me something like “How is your holiday” it really makes me fun: some days are really like this and i can enjoy good pool or go explore, but not every day. Anyway, just like everything in life, there are good moments and not that awesome. Anyway, i really believe that if you feel that you want to learn how it feels, you need to try it. Without no means, it’s worth it!