After relaxing for a few days, i decided that it’s time to discover more of Bali sights. After bit of exploration i have found that i haven’t seen many major sights (actually, there are several hundred of places to see and do here) and after figuring out what is interesting for me for now, i have made a big day route to.combine some of the places.

Here is the route:
Lake Beretan & Ulun Danu Bratan Temple
Gitgit waterfall
Taman Ayun Temple
Campuhan Ridge walk
Saraswati Temple
Mount Kawi

Every place definetely deserves separate post and i will talk a bit about every in the next ones. In this i will talk about some practical part of it.

This route is a big one, its around 200km driving and as Bali roads are a bit rough, it is at least 6-7 hours of driving. At the end all day was almost 12 hours of sightseeing with maybe 20 minutes coffee stop.
It is better to have a car and a driver, at least for me. Finding a decent driver here is a bit tricky as almost all taxi drivers here are really greedy bustards. Mostly they will insist that this route is not possible to do in a day or will ask at least 80-90$. I was really lucky to had an amazing Uber driver few days ago, i took his contacts and he made this route exactly as i want to for less than 45$. And done it perfectly to combine the best time to visit places to avoid main crowds and traffic where possible. I was really lucky as finding a good driver is really important in Bali.

So this day turned into one of my top travel days during this journey. I was lucky with everything and even weather wasn’t as bad, sometimes sunny and no rain at all.

This already classical Bali spot was a bonus surprise as i got no idea where it is located and simply spotter it along the way. Amazing day!

Bookmark this post if you plan for Bali, it can be useful!