After week of relaxing and celebrating i have realised, that the number of things to do is growing. Yes, i’m not only travelling, but also planning and researching everything and it really takes time. I don’t have anything else planned and i have to fix it! Now it’s the best time of year to buy tickets for the next year, so i decided to wake up early to research-research and research.

After few hours, i decided to have a bit of walk and made it to the sister village of Canggu. I never been there before, but many people i know stayed there for a while. Actually, it looks interesting. Way more patient than Seminyak, but still lots of nice trendy place. I had a nice smoothie bowl and coffee and a little walk around. Probably need to be back for a while!

For the sunset i decided to visit one of the most touristy sight in Bali. Tanah Lot is a stunning location. It is a temple, located on a small island right next to the coast and i’m almost sure that you have seen it before. Also there is a small black sand beach and one more small temple on a rock. Everything is super pretty and picturesque. Popular for a really good reason!