Today is my last day in Bangkok for now, so after gym, breakfast and check-out, i decided to visit couple of Bangkok sights that i had in mind for while, but haven’t checked before.

Unicorn cafe is definetely one of the most popular theme cafe in Bangkok for the last years and probably selfie capital of the world. It is located in the backstreet in Sathorn and now have even 2 spaces because of it’s popularity. Actually, everything here is done only for 1 reason: to take fun feel-good pics. The food is colourful, drinks are fun, design is quirky and everything is filled with unicorns. Really fun and worth spending an hour and having a look!

After it i went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Beeing the lover of good museums, i never have been in this one because it is located very far from everything and taxi is almost the only way to get there, though the MRT is coming. This museum is pretty new and have mostly very fresh and bold pieces of modern Thai art. The building itself and the pieces there were definetely interesting and a bit unordinary. There was something in common with the famous Thailand temples with strange, but very interesting and cool design. Same about the art here in this museum. Definetely Thailand have found it’s own style on modern art scene.

I have finished my day taking the flight to my next destination.
Where next? Stay tuned and turn on notifications! 😜