I got a funny idea that i saw everything in Sukhothai Histroical park, so today i decided simply to bike around and see where road will bring me.
In the morning i took a bike and decided to ride to the direction of the beautiful hills i saw somewhere in the distance. What was my surprise when i have found the 3rd part of the archeological park, that i have missed yesterday! Sukhothai is definetely a huge site! And definetely what a pleasant ride between hills, ancient remains in the morning sun!

During day i spend few hours in a nice coffee shop to survive heat of the day. One local lady approached me there. Firstly she asked me some questions for tourism survey, but then started to tell me about herself. She was a local teacher, but lived in few other countries for a while, told me about her kids and even showed me a local magazine with her on the cover! Occasionally i was greeted by local star!

At night i decided to try Sukhothai bike route, which is 20+km designated bike path. It was really cool as it goes through villages, lakes and rice fields. Honestly, is there anything better then riding a bike on a safe road between rice fields during sunset! One of the most beautiful travel moments!

And yes, i ride so much today, that next couple days i will sit only on something soft! 😆