Sukhothai is a former capital of currently non-existing Sukhothai kingdom, which was very powerful in 13-15th century. Currently it’s one of the major historical sight in Thailand, UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of my major bucket list destination in Southeast Asia!
Time to explore!

Sukhothai Historical park is a huge territory, filled with remains of ancient Temples, stupas and Buddhas statues. To explore it you need some kind of transportation. Mostly people take bycicles as the roads are flat, some use kind of electro car. There are some major territories there and a bunch of remains located here and there. And good news for those who don’t like to explore in crowds: the place is not packed. There are couple of hours when several busses came to one major spot, but even it’s far from beeing overcrowded.
Together with “cold” time of the year and very comfortable temperature in the morning and around sunset, Sukhkthai definetely makes an awesome place to explore. Wake up early, bike, enjoy sun, wind, nature, beautiful historical site! I wish every travel day will be like this!