Bangkok definetely feels like home now! Mostly these days i simply live and enjoy holoday mood. Shopping is busy, cafes are chilling, clubs and bars are full and basically it’s not that bad to have another kind of experience of beeing in the place, but not exploring and checking sites!

Bangkok is crazy good now! Absolutely busy and got amazing vibe!

And i got one bucket list filled here: i have celebrated New Year with a view at one more place in the world! Another places were London, Rio, Sydney, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow.

To celebrate i choose one of the rooftop bars in Bangkok around Lumpini park. It was good and comfortable and there was nice view to the fireworks. Bangkok got the largest New Year celebration in Southeast Asia with Central World square beeing the main point. This year it is filled with temporary bars, so probably it could be a good spot to celebrate if you are fine dealing with huge crowds and traffic jams. I dont like it very much, thats why i prefere rooftops as a place to celebrate!

What about you? Tell me where in the world and how you have meet 2018!

P.S. My camera is also on holidays, so this is previously unpublished pic from Bangkok.