I’m leaving Bali for now to explore more of Indonesia! I’m back for more intense travels after relaxing for several weeks!

Here we go!

My next destination is Lombok! Just 70km away from Bali! Getting there happened to be a bit more tricky than it feels at first. 🚕⛵🚕 There are lots of ways to do it from taking a ferry to a short flight from Bali. Everyone will try to sell you 100$ return ticket for the speedboat to get there instead of 4$ public ferry. We were hugely pressed to buy these tickets: everyone from our Uber driver to super pushy guys next to the ticket counter were trying to sell them for that rudiculous price. Obviously local scam, but its so super agressive and pushy, that i was almost scared when the guys next to the ticket counter became mad when i have bought cheap ticket. It was twice interesting to have learned later that because of weather most of speed boats were cancelled.
I ended up taking cheap local ferry. Cheap ferry happened to be exactly the same as you can imagine for 4$: delays and i ended up seating right on the dirty floor for all the time.

Less than 70km ride and the place feels completely different, like it wasn’t 5,5 hours slow ferry, but 5,5 hours flight. Lombok is a muslim island, people are different and there is 1 hour time difference. Will see what it will bring to me!

So i ended up spending almost 11 hours to cover 70km today. Still i haven’t beat my “slow” record of 8 hours to cover 35km in Balcans last summer. 😆