Time to leave Taiwan and move to one of the last countries in the Southeast Asia that i haven’t been to – Philippines!

Technically there are only Brunei and East Timor left. Of course, the more you go, the more you find how little you saw. There are still lots of areas I haven’t been to in Southeast Asia,  but still it’s kind of milestone.

My day started very early as i need to catch my flight from Taipei to Cebu. But i’m not in Taipei, I’m in Taichung, which is around 140 km away from the airport. I planned it like this because the airport is located between Taipei and Taichung and the train goes close to it. At the same time it means that i need to take the first train at 6am, make a connection, then take a bus (with a hope that it exist) and get to the airport. Then take a flight and finally take a shuttle to my hotel. Totally around 10 hours of a bit tricky logistics, which at the end works without any major troubles, but for a number of reasons i couldn’t find any decent food along the way, so was a bit more angry than usually! I mean, who wouldn’t be after waking up at 4-30am and having almost no food till 3pm! 😃

It all at the end helps me to save time and money, which is good as travelling to Taiwan is not cheap. It happens to be the most expensive country during my current travels.
At the end, when i arrived to my @shangrilamactan resort i don’t care about all this usual travel inconveniences. The sun shines bright, the view is gorgeous, there are fruits and wine waiting for me in my room and i have couple days just to relax and enjoy it.

Soooo good after several weeks of busy travel days to enjoy a bit of earned resort life!